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@XAT 2021 – moderately difficult, similar to XAT 2018/19

XAT 2021 was held today between 9.30 am to 12.30 am with the time reduced to 3 hours from 3.5. For the first time there was no ‘descriptive’ paper neither was there negative marking in the General Knowledge section. While broadly one could say it was a’ moderately difficult’ paper, the writing was clear on the wall – that @XLRI produces the most difficult MBA entrance exam in the country
A general discussion with those who took the exam gave the impression that for DM the cut off can be expected around 8.5-9 marks and VALR was easier in comparison. QA was relatively easy while only two out of four Reading Comprehension passages lengthy. On the other hand, the GK questions were found to be moderately difficult.

Watch this space for a video analysis by IMS India.