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Why the hybrid model is perfect for the current educational needs?

Everyone knows one of the fewer positive things that emerged out of the pandemic is work from home or hybrid work models. These models are here to stay. While many employees and offices still enjoy these privileges, the same cannot be said about the student fraternity as the colleges and other educational institutions function full time.

India is still a majorly prevailing theory-based country. It is the primary reason why a hybrid model of work can succeed. Students can attend lectures online or according to their preference and go to college to attend practicals. It shall minimize the travelling factor, save time and boost productivity as the energy wasted on undue activities has been preserved. The hybrid model in education also works as students do not have to worry about completing the syllabus but can also focus on gaining experience and exposure via jobs and internships, gaining credits and overall focus on earning good grades increases.
The hybrid model enables students to have some leisure time to pursue stress buster activities and release the academic pressure.

The faculty members have their fair share of issues. Students can still have the option of a residential programme but the faculty members do not. Faculty members have to travel to the campuses from certain distances. With the hybrid model, faculty members can bridge the geographical space with virtual bridges. Visual learning has been a proven method of teaching. To teach online, faculties would have time to access various platforms and put forward an immersive way of teaching and make the education holistic. It has the potential to create an ecosystem which would increase the efficiency levels across India. Students are observant. They can tell when their advisers are stressed. They notice when their mentors leave for a job outside of higher ed. So via the hybrid work model, the overall student-teacher relationship level gets more satisfactory.

‘The benefits of the hybrid model are clearly visible. It is now up to the management, the education department, universities and the gorvernment to bring forward a plan to make this aa reality,’ said a St. Andrew student, who did not want to go on record.