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Theory-based learning vs skills-based learning

Acquiring knowledge and putting it into exercise is rudimentary to understanding, and the most effective way to learn is to build upon what you already know. Traditionally, education has followed the path to more significant knowledge, but as cracks in skills occur, educators must find new ways to manage them.

Most educators today advocate for a greater balance between knowledge and skills-based learning. But to teach effectively, it’s essential to understand the differences between these two methods. It’s also important to know how to implement them in a way that most benefits students.

Theory-based learning vs skills-based learning

Knowledge is the theoretical understanding of something, which is gained via lectures and textbooks. Therefore theory-based learning is about reading, listening, and watching to obtain the knowledge needed before advancing to the next phase of learning.

Skills can be acquired by performing a task, and the best way to conquer something is through regular practice. Another way could be trial and error. Skill-based learning builds on the knowledge by developing practical aptitude in a particular area.

Why is skills-based learning important?

Students learning through skills-based education are would solve problems on their own as this shall be fundamentally ingrained the same in them. It is critical for preliminary school children who are being taught new ideas and concepts every day. Children at this age initiate making associations between instructions given and their experience. A skill-based approach will develop what’s already known to them and capture concepts faster.