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School Reopened: Opinions of everyone starting from Education Minister to parents to school authorities.

15th June 2022 marked the official re-opening of schools after 2 years since the pandemic. After 2 years of hybrid and online schooling, the schools went back to the traditional way. Schools were reopened and welcomed the students. The preparations to welcome the students started on the 13th of June in most schools.

Despite the rising covid cases, parents have decided to send their children to school without worries unlike during the start of the year when parents were concerned with the well-being of their kids and exposure to COVID-19. Mrs Rekha Jain, a resident of Goregaon, whose children are enrolled in Vibgyor High Malad, said that “Covid is here to stay, but with government and WHO authorities stating no alarming new variant has been found and there’s no need to panic, and school authorities abiding by the guidelines have been.” She further added that ‘It was really necessary for students to go back to schools as online school though convenient was hindering their all-round development.’

Many schools in the central suburbs also decorated the interiors. St. Therese Convent High School, lit up the ambience with welcome signs and balloons to make sure the students feel welcomed. Many other schools also did the same according to Twitter and Instagram communities.

Maharashtra Education Minister Prof. Varsha Eknath Gaikwad in a Twitter thread shared photos of schools throughout Maharashtra celebrating the reopening of school. In a video, she said that we should laud our brave efforts of fighting resisting and surviving the pandemic. From this year the school shall reopen and amidst the excitement about the new books with brown covers, new uniforms and meeting friends we should also focus on making up for the losing out to years as well. And for this, I welcome and wish the students All the best from the bottom of my heart.”