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Pennsylvania Law professor makes derogatory comments, calls India a sh*thole country!

Professor Amy Wax calls India Shithole

Photo source -Pennsylvania Law School

Amy Wax, a professor and an academician at Pennsylvania Law School Law, has made derogatory remarks, against Indian and Asian immigrants, during an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, last Friday. Her comments came as Penn is amid a faculty senate review process that could lead to sanctions against the 69-year-old tenured professor who has worked at Penn for two decades.

Amy Wax who has a long-standing history of making such controversial statements against different ethnicities, targeted women of Brahmin communities of India this time around saying “They are taught that they are better than everybody else because they are Brahmin elites and yet, on some level, their country is a shit hole…  They’ve realized that we’ve outgunned and outclassed them in every way. … They feel anger. They feel envy. They feel shame. … It creates ingratitude of the most monstrous kind.”

She added further “There is just a tremendous amount of resentment and shame of non-western peoples against western peoples for western peoples’ outsized achievements and contributions, it’s really unbearable.” singling out that

These comments were not well received by the Twitter community and they slammed Amy Wax for such behaviour. Some users were appalled by her comments and wanted Pennslyvania Law School to take disciplinary actions against the professor while some suggested the authorities to set an example by firing her.