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‘Pandemic has proved skills are important but academic learning is needed to make a good base’


PFX D’Lima is one of Goa’s most famous names – having spent five decades and more in various top positions in the corporate sector as well as academics in India and globally. Besides being former director Goa Institute of Management, he worked with Hindustan Lever and Unilever in managerial capacities, was former chairman of Goa chapter of CII, on the board for Sesa group of Industries including Managing Director at Sesa Kemble Coke Co. Ltd, earned the tag of being ‘Inventor’ in the industry, he was also first president of Pig Iron Manufacturer’s Association of India, besides being former chairman of EDC, Goa and consultant to Sesa Goa Ltd and Tata Steel.



Corporate biggies have had their share of blues in the lockdown, but some have emerged victorious since they have generously opened their arms to the new normal. Bluepencil.news encountered one such – PFX D’Lima who at 79 considers work to be worship and spent the lockdown engaged in serious corporate and academic work. Never a dull moment, says the former GIM director.

How did you spend the lockdown
I try to stay home since I am 79. But I need to more excercise to stay fit. I go once or twice a week to GIM to follow the progress of new projects.

Did you manage to work at all?
I am able to work, mostly on line. Personal visits only when necessary but with necessary precautions.

Did you use online platforms to communicated professionally with your colleagues?
Zoom is very useful and is being used increasingly. But so are other apps like MS Teams. Our CII meetings are on CISCO WebEx meets. At #Goa Institute of Management most learning is via Zoom or MS teams. Interviews are also done on these apps.

What advice would you give young corporate professionally who are reeling under the COVID-19 impact?
Most corporates have adapted to on line solutions, which fact is bound to change the way we operate in future permanently. Office space needs have already reduced. Advice is already taken and implemented and will be increasingly used imaginatively and effectively.

Can big conglomerates really work online?
Congratulations. Necessity is the mother of invention. This action has accelerated the evolvement of the future.

Are skills more important than academic degrees?
They already are and will do so increasingly in many areas. Skills have become more important, but academic learning cannot be neglected and is more important forming a base for correct decisions in the long run.

What should one do during lockdown?
Learning and induction can easily make increasing use of on line methods. Lockdowns should not constrain these too much.

What is the temperament you advice since you may have seen stressing situations earlier?
Temperament needs to be cool and unruffled as should be for a new challenging situation. Great attention needs to be paid to Safety,Masks, social distancing, hand washing, etc.

Did COVId-19 change you?
Yes, of course. Both professional and also personal. However one must use innovation to maintain targets professionally. Personal issues also should not be neglected or postponed indefinitely. The important key is innovation and adaptability.