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NEET 2023: Moderately difficult

Overall it was a paper with a moderate difficulty level.
There were total physics, chemistry, Botany and Zoology 4 sections with a total of 50 questions in each section.
Candidates had to attend 45 questions from each section with 4 marks for correct answers and minus 1 mark for wrong answers. Total marks 720.
Subject wise :
1- The physics section was difficult.
It has 1 question which was question -8 in the H6 paper, this will be a bonus since the square root was missing, barring this there were 3 -4 questions which will take time for solving.
2- Chemistry was moderate, but it did have some reaction questions for which a beyond NCERT study is a must.
3- Botany – Moderate paper, maximum from NCERT
4- Zoology- Moderate paper maximum from NCERT

This year’s Neet paper was slightly more difficult compared to last year’s. Also, Physics was more time-consuming high scores beyond 700 will be difficult.
It’s important that all students get the physics question as bonus.
We expect the scores to go down slightly in comparison to last year.

(Above analysis by RAO MEDICAL )