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NEET 2021 Analysis by Rao Medical

Photo: National Cancer Institute (Unsplash)

The paper had 4 sections of Physics, Chemistry , Botany and Zoology . Each had 50 Questions , with fist 35 questions compulsory and only 10 to be done out of remaining 15 questions.

4 marks for correct answer and -1 for negative answers, only 1 correct answer.
Total 720 marks paper.

Physics – Was on a moderate level compared to last year.

Chemistry – Was on a difficult level compared to last year

Botany – Was at the same level as last year

Zoology – Was at a difficult level with Compared to last year.

Overall compared to last year this year Neet was on a Little difficult level.
Cuts will be lower in comparison to last year for sure.

Not an encouraging paper for Top scorer’s
As on each mistake the ranking will change to a much higher level. Silly mistakes are not affordable .

This year again the major ranking criteria will be the age of candidates . As in medicine older candidates get better rank contrary to Engineering.

About @100 plus students expected to reach 700 and above score.