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Mridul is an avid reader and that helps correct interpretation of questions, says the JEE topper’s teacher

Prof Ashish Arora

JEE Advanced topper Mridul Agarwal lives in Jaipur with his family, and that along with his reading habits have earned him good stripes, says his teacher from ALLEN Prof Ashish Arora who is also an Academic and eLearning Mentor

Were you surprised with Mridul’s performance?
No. Since class 9 he was a bright student and we had a group of 15+ students of similar calibre but by the end of this year of class 12, Mridul was able to come out exceptionally well with 3 other students but finally he was able to hit the bull’s eye

Did he not going to Kota and option for Jaipur with his family help him?
Instead at Jaipur with family he was able to perform better because in the journey whenever he felt low or down due to lockdown, his family supported him to recharge and he was able to do better.

Do toppers show different traits as compared to others?
No. We made a system which has set processes and instructions to identify and overcome every shortcoming and academic weaknesses using which earlier also students have reached National Topper level multiple times but only those students who follow these are able to grow and reach the level of toppers.

Mridul’s English is extremely good, did that make a difference?
Yes. He has a good reading habit which is an ext imp trait for quick and correct interpretation of logical questions in exam.

What is your advice to Mridul now?
After completing BTech from IIT Bombay try for world class exposure in world’s top universities and finally come back to India and contribute in growth of Nation in the way he can.

What are Mridul’s strengths?
Accuracy, Precision, Correct Interpretation of reading logical text, Determination to achieve a goal if firmly decided, polite for elders, peers as well as to his young ones