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Meet Priyavrat Singh – entrepreneur, IITian, IT official and now rocking the music charts

For a decade of engineering aspirants and students in #Kota, Priyavrat Singh headed the online learning vertical of a test-prep company – a person who spent most of the day finding new codes and buried in front of his laptop. Today, this academician is breaking records in the music circuit with his new number.

#BluePencil.news caught up with this engineer turned singer to know the story, rather the journey.

Tell us your background, school, college?
I’m IIT Graduate in Computer Science & Engineering from IIT-BHU, Varanasi

Why and when the switch from academics to music?
Started my career as IT professional in Arlington, Virginia, USA for a software company. Later moved to my hometown to work as Online learning head in India’s renowned test-prep company for almost a decade. Then turned Hospitality entrepreneur and brought an international hospitality brand to my hometown. However music had always been my passion but never got much time due to academics and business. This COVID 19 proved to be a blessing in disguise for me and allowed me to pursue my singing passion. I launched my 2 Music videos on YouTube – first with Zee Music and 2nd one on my own YouTube channel.
And im ecstatic to share with you that my 2nd album hit 1 Million view mark within 3 days of its launch.

Is singing something you planned even when in academics?
I always used to participate in singing competitions at school and college level and won a lot of accolades. But academics and business never gave me much time.

Why do you think public liked the song?
This internet era gives great opportunity to all the unknown singers who have the singing passion and good voice. Also it connects with the youth while having their first love.

What plans henceforth?
My first album was luckily launched by Zee music and decent response on it gave me the confidence to launch my own YT channel. Now I plan to build upon my own channel where i already got 1 milllion views and 44k subscribers. I will be regularly releasing new songs on it,some of them are already recorded or in process of recording.

Will you go back to academics?
I want to full-fledgedly work on singing now and continue it till my last breath.

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