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Get rid of FOMO, says Pranav Pant of BYJU’s as part of last minute CAT 2021 tips

Pranav Pant, Faculty BYJU’s

It is less than a month for Common Admission Test (CAT 2021). Bluepencil.News gets top faculty from BYJU’s Faculty of QA and DILR, Pranav Pant to share some serious tips. This faculty is also a 99.9+ CAT percentiler several times

Take mocks but hopefully you have completed 60-70% of your portion

“When it is just a month to go, do not use too many sources for preparation. Instead write many mocks and go through last year’s papers. But don’t take Mocks till you have completed at least 60-70% of your portion – this will also give you a sense of timing. While I don’t recommend leaving any one Section out, I suggest do not focus too much on unimportant topics.”

Too much of study material

“Often at this point you will find yourself surrounded by too much of study choices. Hopefully you hav done your research on the kind of study material you need to focus on. Every candidate’s needs are different but all study work should be expansive and when it is one month to go have faith in what you have selected and follow that. Do not get distracted by what others are studying. ”

Make a notebook or plan book

It is a good habit to make a notebook where you can write down crucial formulae and concepts and tips that will come in handy on the last day. Either you can jot them down according to the chapter or write the ones you are weak in. This will come in handy when you have only a few days or hours to go for the exam.”

Read, read, read,

“This is something which youngsters hardly do these days. Am not saying read offline newspapers, read online but read. You need to know what is happening in the world around you. You need to read current topics across all subjects – political, economic, corporate, science, technology, history. Also read global happenings in the space, keep an eye on different national and international awards, government schemes, obituaries. I also recommend read newspapers instead of apps and steer away from Page 3 and glam news at this point, even if it is for a break. The Op-ed pages should always be read because they have opinions by experts.”

Don’t start learning anything for the first time when you have a month to go

“Do not Learn anything fresh when you have 30 days or less to go. If you have studied 85-90% of the syllabus, that means you have done a good job, that should hold you good. Do not pick up fresh study material at this time, will confuse you.”

Keep your senses and body fit

“It is important that your body is kept healthy when you are studying. Avoid sugary and spicy food and typical junk food when you are nearing your exam. Do not invite health complications. Study well but rest well too. Take breaks from your study, may be meditate to feel less pressurised. Stay way from your cell as much as you can when you are studying and als sleeping. Take a break from social media if it stresses you out. Get rid of FOMO (Fear of missing out) and keep social meetings on the lower side. Definitely above substance abuse, it will get you nowhere.”