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COVID-19 behaved strangely even with the talented

A post on Linkedin only a few weeks ago was a rude stunner of sorts. An acquaintance I had met and known a few years ago was pleading for a job on the social media platform.
I had met this guy when he was in his final year at the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIM-C) and I was the Editor at Pagalguy.com. We met on campus and discussed a few story ideas. He definitely came about as a sensible and gifted young man who would get any job he desired. And mind you, he did.
Thereafter we hardly kept in touch since he graduated from IIM-C and I stepped out to working in a newspaper. But I herd from friends that he was doing well professionally and I was not a bit surprised.
But COVID-19 took a toll on him like it did on millions of others and the post of LinkedIn shook me.
Below I am reproducing his post on LinkedIn