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College internships in 2020 were WFH with home errands and 40 winks thrown in

Raymond S

Education, ideally, is never about learning from inside four walls and from a blackboard or these days a smart screen – it’s more about a free mind set lose to to learn fresh and think innovation.
Sadly this year, college internships, which often constitute the most enlightening part of an academic year were spent indoors, and in between home chores and sleepy afternoon spells.
Bluepencil.news caught up with a couple MBA students who spent internships WFH and critically missed the ‘office’ encounter.
Ayushi Arora interned with Sarveshwar Foods Ltd and said the company tried its best to ensure that she imbibed what she had to of marketing during the internship but it was indeed different. “Yes, I made calls and worked on marketing projects and that was good but it was not the same experience because I was at home,” said Ayushi. What this student really missed was the ability to exactly know whether she was on the dot with her data collection. “When you are on the field and talking to people, you get a better sense whether people are telling the truth and that makes our work at the back end more full proof – it is a little difficult to get a sense on the phone.”
A similar sentiment was echoed by another student Reetika Kaul who feels that WFH internships are open to miscommunication. “When you are not working in an office, there is a chance that one is not understood well or there ca be misunderstandings too. Personal interaction is important to learn the ropes,” said Reetika. She however did admit that interning at Pragmatic was a great experience and the exposure made a big difference to her learning and growth.
Dr BC Sharma, Dean, Training and Placements at MIET Jammu concurs that ‘home-internships’ have been quite a letdown on the experience front for the students. Dr Shar