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CMA students disappointed by the mismanagement during the examination.

Exams for the CMA are currently taking place, and due to the exams’ online mode, several candidates encountered difficulties. The exams were held online first in 2020 owing to COVID-19. Disappointed by the poor management and technical glitches many aspirants took to Twitter. They demanded that the exams be held online owing to the glitches and scams due to which a significant consensus of students suffer. Aspirants tweeted using the hashtag #ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) and tagged CMA Balwinder Singh, ICAI president 2019-20.

In pursuit of going global CMA exams were being held online. But the decision backfired as many students faced technical glitches during the exam, rough sheets irregularity at every centre. Few centres also saw cancellation of the exam and mass cheating with poor management.

Gunveen Kaur, a CMA aspirant quoted that back in 2019, when the exams were held offline there was little mismanagement. Students received their hall tickets on time and wrote the exam under proper invigilation with satisfaction. Students are not opposing online exams but how the online exams are conducted. Using technology should have made the process smoother not complicated. Gunveen Kaur further added that Students dream to join a professional course but mismanagement makes students and aspirants reconsider their decisions.

CMA Rakesh Bhalla, CFO at SML Isuzu LTD. and Central Council Member ICAI, posted on Facebook, ‘With reference to our mail regarding exam I strongly feel in light of mess created in exam due to mismanagement of institute, Examination committee & vendor, let we admit our examination committee s repeated mistake & hold emergency meeting of exam committee or council to cancel this term exam in total & issue fresh dates preferably for off line exam as our examination committee failed second time in conducting free & fair on line exam. CMA Rakesh Bhalla further added, ‘In case no response from President & other relevant members in next half an will be forced to put this massage on social media as it is embarrassing position for all CMAS specifically elected representative.,  This post further put the CMA management under severe scrutiny and many aspirants and students let out their disappointment via social media.