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Assam vacations moved ahead owing to the floods.

The designated summer vacation in Assam has been preponed for the academic year and now will be held from June 24 to July 23, 2022. Many districts in Assam remain affected by the floods in the state. In the midst of the calamity, several schools have been utilised for setting up a relief camp and the others have been damaged by the floods.

A notice from the Government of Assam Secondary Education Department said:

“Many schools in the state are being designated as relief camps, sheltering flood victims and a large number of them have been affected and damaged in the flood,”

“To compensate the same, the Government in the Secondary Education Department has decided to reschedule the Summer Vacation in all Elementary, Secondary, Senior Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools from 25-06-2022 to 25-07-2022, instead of 01-07-2022 to 31-07-2022,” the circular read.

Apart from this many students have been crying for help on Twitter. Yesterday, Dr VivekRao, a student in the Silchar district tweeted for help as he and the people around him were stuck for 3 days without basic resources. Later, he updated with a tweet that they are out of danger. Blue Pencil News tried to reach out and a statement is awaited from Dr Vivek Rao. He further added that the emergency helpline contacts were not responding. Electricity was completely cut off and the network reception was terrible as well.