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Student celebrates birthday with differently abled stranger who waves on the way to college

Birthdays are important milestones in an individual’s life. Generically they are full of positivity with the exchange of gifts cake cutting and many such ceremonies and rituals but eventually, birthdays are all about brightening up the day on the person. Something similar took place when a student decided to celebrate his birthday with an unknown stranger– a differently-abled man he often waves on his way to college. A video of their heartwarming interaction has left everyone elated online.

Friends of Vihayas, from Kannur, Kerala, who turned 20 earlier this week, had several plans for him. But perhaps the most special one was planned by his best friend, Midhula Madhu, who took him to meet Pavan (Chintu), who stands on his balcony looking at people walking the streets. “His face lights up whenever we wave to him. Usually, seeing him is the highlight of our day,” the young man wrote.


Even though the two students were not sure which apartment the 22-year-old lived in, the duo tried to knock on a few doors before meeting him. They were unsure if Pavan would recognise them. But when they finally arrived at his doorstep, he was overjoyed. A video shared by Vihayas on Instagram shows Pavan and his mother being elated by the sweet gesture.

In a statement given to Indian Express, Vihayas said, “He was so happy to see us. He couldn’t speak but that didn’t stop us from bonding with him,” read the post accompanying the Reel video. Pavan is seen wishing Vihayas a happy birthday in his way and also feeding him the cake with the help of his mother. The trio also clicked photos to mark their new friendship. “Our hearts melted when his mom told us that he always gestures the words ‘Anna’ (brother) and ‘Akka’ (sister) whenever he sees us.”